85 lbs Galvanized Steel Mantus Anchor

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Weight90 lbs
Dimensions39 × 27 × 6 in

6 reviews for 85 lbs Galvanized Steel Mantus Anchor

  1. Chris Glubka

    Works fantastic! We’ve been using our 85lb for 3 years now, never dragged, and we’ve seen 45kts in a storm and more impressively 30-35kts with two other similar sized boats rafted up to us! As we watched others drag we held firm! GO MANTUS!

  2. Daniel (verified owner)

    Have a 45lb Mantus as a working anchor. Held through a Cat 1 Hurricane. We bought an 85lb after the storm to keep on board when we encounter something the 45lb want handle. Never dragged.. “Ever” We are currently cruising live aboards. I will never buy another anchor.

  3. Joshua (verified owner)

    Quite simply the best anchor money can buy. I know when my mantus anchor is set, its done set. I can go to sleep happy. Great company, great anchor.
    The bolted assembly makes it so you can store a storm anchor in the bilge for when you need it.

  4. Shane Hopkins (verified owner)

    I bought this anchor after extensive research on the internet and I am not disappointed. The staff at Mantus were very helpful and the 85# anchor sets extremely fast and holds my 46′ Catamaran well.

  5. Kevin Spellman (verified owner)

    Mantus Shipped our 85 quickly. It is now installed on our crusing pilot house and when we set the anchor, we know there will be a good night’s sleep knowing that this is the best anchor available to hold us.

  6. Laura Elliott (verified owner)

    We bought the 85 lb. model for our 42 motor yacht. We have cruised the Bahamas extensively and have learned that when the squalls hit, you want your storm anchor to be the one that is already out. The construction of our Mantus is simply massive and obviously of high quality. It shipped in a flat wooden crate, with canvas straps holding it in place and a cardboard lid and arrived in perfect condition. We are happy and plan to sleep well at anchor!

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